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    Big news update: the times, they are continuing to change, change means a BIG SALE!

    Hey everyone, Cass here. It’s been a while since we had a substantial update in the world of Wildilocks on the blog - and now is that time. It’s with both a relieved and heavy heart as well as a forward facing stride that I bring the latest news from this little alternative corner of the world. 

    Firstly - it’s hard to believe that Wildilocks began over 10 years ago in a little market stall in Subiaco. There has been a huge amount of change in my life and the lives of others touched by the weirdness that is my unique and somewhat twisted vision of diversity and inclusiveness: but one thing has become very clear in this time. Wildilocks is essentially my baby, and the way I want the world to be for my baby is often not at all aligned with the way the world currently is. With a background in festivals, the alternative scene, busking and travel, and in the last 7 or so years, a very strong affinity and involvement with the Burning Man festival and its’ Regional events, much of what I have envisioned for Wildilocks has been at complete odds with what is required for a business to function in this commerce-mediated world: at least, not for it to still be personal, yet reach a wider audience. This has been a monumental struggle for me: I have wished so often for a path to open up with a clear way to do things differently but still co-exist and also grow within the default world’s existing structure, but if such a path has been possible, I’ve not met the right collaborators as yet, and in my experiments to grow and spread the Wildilocks message I have almost inevitably been drawn back to the harsh realities of a world where being an employer is seen in a very particular light and requires many procedures I’ve struggled with psychologically: especially without cloning technology!! I’ve attempted to grow Wildilocks within the confines of society and business practice as it currently requires and with the limitation of having only one physical body yet a wider geographical reach: and this has changed me as a person. I’m not at all sure I like the changes; in fact, I think I can say with some confidence that I really don’t. This has never been what it’s been about for me, and in trying to explain my vision to people and ask them to share in creating it, nurturing it, taking ownership of it and maintaining it, I have not really managed a true, lasting connection, and something has become lost which I’ve been chasing for some time now. And so much has changed in the past 10 years since this venture began.

    The way people are socialising has changed. Where once you really needed to see people in person to catch up and feel you were participating, now you can get a similar feeling any time, any place, staring at your mobile phone screen. People are less motivated to act physically as they are vicariously experiencing their friends’ actions and as a result feel simultaneously satiated and envious. Not sure how healthy this is for us, but it’s what is happening. While the line between content creators and consumers has blurred, so has the means for surviving in the physical world via physical effort reduced as real physical participation has reduced and virtual representation has increased.

    The alternative scene has changed. One could say there’s been something of a lull over the past few years, especially in Perth: what was a vibrant gothic scene, some would say the best city in Australia to be going out goth clubbing for most of the 2000’s, has been gutted by politics and a city with a fantastic weekly club now has monthly events at best, which many do not attend: total attendance over any period of time, even if monthly events are relatively well attended, is significantly lower. A phoenix has yet to arise from the ashes. While that may still come (and given the historic ebbs and flows of the goth scene, is actually quite likely) that time does not seem to be on the horizon any time soon.

    The way people are purchasing has changed. Retail in general has shifted online significantly, and less events also means less demand overall. While Wildilocks was an early leader in online sales, having multiple physical locations has meant this area has been neglected terribly, and our online inventory and marketing has not kept up with the times. 

    All this equals an inevitable need for change. And the truth is, the alternative scene is much healthier in Melbourne right now than it is in Perth - not that there hasn’t always been a drift from Perth to Melbourne, but the difference has become more pronounced in recent years. So - it is time for a restructure. 

    This means: Wildilocks Perth will be going FIFO. Base108 will be ceasing physical trading on 27th April 2013. But THIS DOES NOT MEAN WILDILOCKS IS CLOSING! Far from it!! (and our Melbourne salon is going strong as ever with two lovely new staff and some of the craziest Saturdays we’ve seen in years!). However, it does mean there is going to be more competition for appointments in Perth, as Wildilocks from this date will be hosted @ Identified Hair in Kensington (just a hop, skip and a jump from the CBD, south of the river). Jude @ Identified Hair is one of very few career hairdressers I have met who I feel understands and supports the Wildilocks ethos, and while Jude’s thing is a little different to mine, she is very keen to provide Wildilocks with a base to continue servicing our loyal clients with the best dreadlocks and extensions in Perth (and indeed, the world). Not only that but you will be guaranteed the absolute best service as I will be seeing all clients personally. This restructure means that appointments for dreadlocks and extensions installs and maintenance will agenerally need to be booked more in advance (eventually possibly up to 8 weeks but initially up to 4 weeks) and most will require an advance payment of a deposit as appointment slots will be be more precious and no-shows cannot be accommodated (if you are a regular with no no-shows o cancellations, this may be waived). Rates will <i>not</i> be increasing, and will continue at $95 per hour with our guaranteed price freeze continuing into 2014 at least. I may also consider some mobile appointments depending on location. So do not fear, your Wildilocks fix is still going to be very much available! We will also be maintaining the Perth phone number to keep booking and enquiries easy as pie (mmm, pie), but email bookings and consults will also be highly encouraged. As of what will be happening with the Base108 premises? Was wondering if you’d ask. There will actually be a salon taking over the premises - but it is going to be a barber salon and they will not be providing Wildilocks services, though I have been told they are skilled in hair tattoos, as well as providing more mainstream urban streetwear and a possible recording studio - for those of you who remember the premises when Narcissist were there, it looks to be a return more to the kind of thing they were doing. So the spirit of 108 Barrack St is evolving, too - just in a different direction now. 

    As is usual when there is any change, and also because we’re a little overdue for one anyway, from this Saturday in both Perth AND Melbourne, we will be having: OUR BIGGEST SALE IN HISTORY! This is because we need to ship as little as possible over to Melbourne as we consolidate our stock, plus we need to make room to fit everything in once there, so I am pleased to announce, for ONE WEEK ONLY from April 23rd to 27th, we will be having a …



    Yes you read that correctly, BUY ONE GET *TWO* FREE (this is for all clothing, boots and accessories in stock, free items must be equal or lesser value than purchased one) for a WHOLE WEEK. This is an absolutely, guaranteed, 100% WILL NOT BE REPEATED SALE! For Perth it will be your last chance to try items on, though in the coming months many many items not currently on the Webstore will be added though, so all is not lost.

    We have a couple of other BIG pieces of news. As part of the restructure, Wildilocks will now be allocating resources to wholesaling & distributing Special Effects and Directions hair colours within Australia & New Zealand! If you are a hair professional or an alternative store and wish to have immediate access to our new trade prices, please contact us on - we will be creating a whole new website section for this new aspect of the business - we will also be adding quantity discounts to our retail webstore too. Please note that Special Effects currently have several colours out of stock which won’t be restocked for several months so our Wholesale Section won’t be launched til after all colours are full available once more (even though this happens a couple of times a year almost like clockwork, we are hoping to head that off by increasing our stock levels once wholesaling). Not only that, but for those of you who are concerned with availability of the brands we stock once we have moved - don’t be! We will be shipping at least 3 days a week from now on, plus Identified Hair is not only providing a home for Wildilocks in Perth, they are also happily providing a home for Special Effects too, so you can find these now in salon @ Identified Hair - Jude is also happy to provide Special Effects colour services in salon too at any time, not just when Wildilocks is being hosted.

    Now, looking ahead and what’s coming up in the not distant future. Wildilocks has been asked to be involved with World Goth Day celebrations @ DV8 in Melbourne - we’ll be outfitting some gorgeous gothic models and raising a toast to everything dark and delicious in Australia’s Goth Capital City on May 18th. More details to come soon on this. 

    Please note we WILL be closed on the 25th of April for Anzac Day in Melbourne but will be open in Perth for the sale so those of you who have the day off but might not be able to come down otherwise, can have a chance :) 

    We will also be looking to revive our “Treats” blog and Youtube channel which has been languishing for far too long due to lack of time and resources: watch for some awesome new additions over the coming months. 

    Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of you who has been involved with the evolution of Wildilocks in Perth in some way in the past 10 years who have appreciated and understood the vision of Wildilocks to not just beautify the alternative world, but take a stand for those who have no choice in being perceived as “different”: by consciously choosing to appear strange and unusual, you are making a political statement to the mainstream, and helping encourage acceptance and diversity. I am still walking that path proudly after all these years, and hope to keep doing so with you all for many years to come. I am really looking forward to reconnecting and maintaining that connection in a more personal way with many more people in both Perth and Melbourne over the coming years thanks to this change.

    Pop in if you can this coming week to grab a bargain and say goodbye to Base108, to witness this particular Wildilocks chapter in closing, and welcoming in the new.



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    Fortify your Finances! It’s time for… FEBRUARY FREEBIES!


    FIVE FAB FREEBIES for FEBRUARY - you’d be foolish to forgo them!

    * FREEBIE 1: FIVE FREE FOILS with any full colour service over
    $100 (single process only)
    * FREEBIE 2: FREE POT OF DIRECTIONS for home refresh with
    any prelighten & full colour service over $250!
    * FREEBIE 3: FIVE FREE BEADS (wooden/glass) with any
    dreadlock install or maintenance!
    clothing or footwear purchase!
    * FREEBIE 5: FREE PURSE HAIRSPRAY with purchase of ANY
    shampoo & conditioner!

    These FIVE freebies are available for ALL of February 2013 at both Wildilocks PERTH and MELBOURNE - while stocks last. Don’t delay - BOOK NOW or pop in to see what we have in store!

    ***NOTE: the final TWO freebies ALSO are valid on our WEBSTORE as well - it won’t appear on the cart but will be included with your order - please note in comments which item you want free!***

    Follow us also on:

    Twitter! »>
    Google+ »>

    for more regular updates!

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    Final Week @ The Lockworks in Little Collins St!!

    It’s the end of an era for Melbourne … but the beginning of a new one!

    Come down for last minute specials and to say goodbye to The Lockworks (as our new location is @ Victoria - in the Victoria Buildings) - our <B>Buy One Get One Free</b> sale has been extended in Melbourne through to Saturday 15th September and that will be our final day of trading at Level 1, 382 Little Collins St.

    We will be closed for Tuesday 18th & Wed 19th September and will be reopening on Thursday 20th September, if all goes well, at 347 Victoria St North Melbourne (West Melbourne for Google Maps/mail)! We will confirm via Twitter when doors are officially open at the new premises :D

    Note Perth is trading as normal during this time, and we look forward to seeing you in both locations as we move forward in this exciting change!


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    You may recall we announced a short while back that Wildilocks Melbourne would be MOVING in September! - and the good news for everyone is this means - SALE TIME!! We have masses of stock we’d really not rather have to truck over to our new North Melbourne location - which means we are going to be, literally, GIVING IT AWAY! That’s right, you know what that means - it’s BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE time - for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! And not just Melbourne but Perth as well is getting into the action, to help us pay for the move. Get into it from 11am tomorrow!

    Need more convincing? Well there are a couple of awesome events coming up very soon which are a PERFECT excuse to buy a new outfit or two…

    PERTH »> 8pm Thursday 23rd August 2012 DESCENT - Old School Goth [Twitter]

    PERTH »> 6pm Saturday 25th August 2012 LAW & SLAUGHTER - Rolling With Intent (WA Roller Derby) [Twitter]

    MELBOURNE »> 12am Saturday 25th August 2012 GENOCIDE (@ Level 2, DV8 Nightclub)

    MELBOURNE »> 12am Saturday 1st September 2012 Cyberia - NEON MELTDOWN (@ Level 2, DV8 Nightclub)

    MELBOURNE »> 9.30pm Friday 7th September 2012 Cabaret Nocturne returns w/ GRENDEL, SIRIUS & AR12 (@ The Bottom End)

    MELBOURNE »> 12am Saturday 8th September 2012 Sanc†uary: puttin’ on the BLITZ (@ Level 2, DV8 Nightclub)


    … and last but not least, we are making some small adjustments to our Opening Hours! Perth & Melbourne will now have the same opening hours and there’s some minor changes as below, effective 21/08/2012!

    Tuesday - 11am - 5.30pm

    Wednesday - 11am - 5.30pm

    Thursday - 11am - 8pm

    Friday - 11am - 8pm

    Saturday - 10am - 5pm

    We’ll post again soon with our firm dates for moving in Melbourne, until then - stay WILD :D

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    Hi there dames & dudes! It’s been almost 6 months since our last sale, and so you are probably coming to expect one roughly at these kinds of intervals, amirite?

    Well, I’m pleased to say those of you answering in the affirmative will not be disappointed this week! We’ve had a massive amount of stock arrive last week and our clothing racks are groaning and stuffed to the gills! “We’ve got no rooooom!” our staff are crying - so what to do?! We’re making room by giving away 1 free item with every 2 purchased (of equal or lesser value) from ALL our clothing stock - ALL THIS WEEK! Yes this is everything this time, NOT just summer stock - this sale includes corsets, skirts, tops, jackets, dresses and more, from ALL our brands including Phaze, Nubia/Vodabox, Dolly Q, Axfords, Timeless Trends, Iblis, SpaceTribe, Chicstar, and our own Locks Gear brand too! We have a lot of fun alternative clothing and even more of the “hippie” type stuff than before as so many of our newer staff have been of this ilk :))

    Some very sweet new Rockabilly items especially in this haul including skull & roses and Day of the Dead dresses and NEW guy’s shirts that are HOT - little clutch purses and Cherry Halter Neck dresses plus cat trousers, faery sleeve tops & pants, super cute embroidered bustierre tops, lacy shrugs and a whole lot more.

    So come down anytime between 27-31 March and grab some fabulous frocks and jocks! This sale is first in best dressed - there will be no rainchecks, holds or laybys and this sale will not be extended!

    Also, as Easter Weekend is coming up soon, we would like to let you know that all Wildilocks stores will be closed on 6-7 April to give our hardworking staff some well earned rest and time to eat chocolate. We will be open as normal on 9th April though :)

    Hope to see you this week!

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    Holy spiders & skeletons, Batman! Check out the Halloween schwag!

    Wow - our staff have gone ALL out to create a wonderful Haunted House at our Wildilocks salons, especially Melbourne where our Halloween sale continues for THREE MORE DAYS! But don’t forget Perth - LAST DAY of the sale today as we are closed for the CHOGM weekend! Also please note Melbourne is closed for Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday Nov 1st :) If you miss the physical shop sales, remember our webstore sale is on right through til 31st October and is valid for orders INCLUDING New Rocks! Check out all the amazing images below, and make sure you do your best to get down there in person - they look even better in real life! Plus: you’ll get Treats!! :DDD

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    Wildilocks HALLOWEEN SALE: 20% off ALL clothing & accessories, ALL this week!

    Halloween Sale

    Hey everyone! It’s now less than a week til that favourite time of the alternative calendar year: Samhain! Or as tis more commonly celebrated in the Americas: Halloween.

    So far Wildilocks has resisted the call to go all out for this particular holiday, though we have occasionally sported a giant arachnid for fun, or dressed up as zombies, but this year, we couldn’t help ourselves!

    We are for 2011 celebrating the most spooky time of the year with a WEEK LONG HALLOWEEN SALE! That’s right, from 25 - 31st October we are offering 20% off ALL clothing & accessories: that includes all pants, tops, jackets, corsets, skirts, hair falls, hats, New Rock Boots, jewelery, EVERYTHING*!  And not only is this at all Wildilocks stores, but it’s ONLINE too on our <a href=””>webstore</a>! AND this sale also counts for orders, so if you’ve been thinking of buying something, but we don’t have it in stock, as long as the order is paid 100% during the sale week, you can get orders for 20% off as well, INCLUDING New Rocks! This is the first and possibly only time we will take 20% off New Rock orders!

    And as an extra special added bonus, when you come in to Wildilocks during our Halloween sale, if you come up to the front desk and say “Trick or Treat” you will get - well, one or the other!!! So make sure you drop in and say hi, and grab yourself a Halloween bargain!

    Have a wonderful week, people - and stay SPOOKY!

    *not valid for salon services or products, magazines, auctions, or laybys not paid in full during the sale period

    Also please note Perth store is closed this Friday and Saturday due to the CHOGM meeting long weekend, so the sale only runs for 3 days in the Perth store, so get in early!

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I found old photos (2009) of mee with my new Xtensions from Wildilocks  on their webpage!! I was wondering when they would add them!! STOCKED


    I found old photos (2009) of mee with my new Xtensions from Wildilocks on their webpage!! I was wondering when they would add them!! STOCKED

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team Lemur Attack Force, Mongol Rally 2012, hair by Wildilocks


    team Lemur Attack Force, Mongol Rally 2012, hair by Wildilocks

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    Hair by Kat at Wildilocks @ the Lockworks. Model Alice. Regency inspired &#8220;Pride and Prejudice&#8221; vintage styling.

    Hair by Kat at Wildilocks @ the Lockworks. Model Alice. Regency inspired “Pride and Prejudice” vintage styling.

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    Ooooh lookie! Circa Nocturna is on Tumblr, you should follow them for sure. :) Looking forward to the show very soon now!!!


    Circa Pics from 2008 - (c) Paul Ward

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    An oldie but a goodie to properly announce our presence here: image by Nadya Lev 2009 for Wildilocks, styling my Ms Kat, corset by Dolly Q. Model is Natasha.
We created this account a while back but haven&#8217;t had time to start posting&#8230;. but we plan to post many new images as we have a bunch of unreleased media that is going to be rolled out over the next few months!
Stay tuned &#8230; in the meantime there may be some reblogging :) 

    An oldie but a goodie to properly announce our presence here: image by Nadya Lev 2009 for Wildilocks, styling my Ms Kat, corset by Dolly Q. Model is Natasha.

    We created this account a while back but haven’t had time to start posting…. but we plan to post many new images as we have a bunch of unreleased media that is going to be rolled out over the next few months!

    Stay tuned … in the meantime there may be some reblogging :) 

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